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HIV & TB HCW Hotline App


The HIV & TB HCW Hotline App provides contact details, information and resources on HIV and TB.

The app includes:

ARV Drug Info Monographs: Abacavir, atazanavir, darunavir, didanosine, dolutegravir, efavirenz, emtricitabine, etravirine, lamivudine, lopinavir/ritonavir, nevirapine, raltegravir, rilpivirine, ritonavir, stavudine, tenofovir and zidovudine

Poster Guidelines: SA DoH Adult ART 2015, SA DoH Children ART 2015, HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) 2015, PMTCT For Infants 2015, PMTCT For Pregnant Women 2015, WC Adult ART 2016, WC  Children ART 2016, WC OI Prophylaxis Guidelines 2017

EDL-Antiretrovirals Interactions Table: Check over 300 medicines with 15 ARVs! Each medicine can be checked for interactions with all ARVs at once

TB Drug Info Monographs: Amikacin, bedaquiline, capreomycin, clofazimine, ethambutol, ethionamide, isoniazid, kanamycin, levofloxacin, linezolid, moxifloxacin, pyrazinamide, rifabutin, rifampicin, terizidone and PAS

Management of adverse drug reactions: Algorithms and information on management of rashes, kidney and liver injury caused by ART and/or first-line TB therapy