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SA HIV & TB HCW Hotline App


Our app is now available on both the Android and iPhone.

Click on the Google Play Store or iStore icon below.


  • Search interactions for multiple ARVS and essential medicines simultaneously.

  • Manage rash, kidney injury and liver injury due to ART, TB therapy and prophylactic therapy: made easy with algorithms

  • Manage ADRs due to drug-resistant TB therapy: search by medicine name or reaction term.

  • Find drug information on dosages, precautions, contraindications, prescriber’s points, etc.

  • Access National and Western Cape guideline posters for adults and children for TB and ART, PMTCT, PEP PrEP, RR-TB, DTG interactions and dosing charts for children.

  • View algorithms as per National guidelines.

  • Paediatric ARV dosing tool.

Watch the video to learn more about the app: