Exciting news: the newly updated SA HIV/TB Hotline app now available

1 Apr 2021 - 09:15

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly updated SA HIV/TB Hotline app, which is now available, free, for both Android and iPhones.

The app provides up-to-date, simple, and easy-to-use access to the latest HIV & TB information, wherever you are:

  • Search interactions for multiple ARVS and essential medicines simultaneously.
  • Manage rash, kidney injury and liver injury due to ART, TB therapy and prophylactic therapy: made easy with algorithms
  • Manage ADRs due to drug-resistant TB therapy: search by medicine name or reaction term.
  • Find drug information on dosages, precautions, contraindications, prescriber’s points, etc.
  • Access National and Western Cape guideline posters for adults and children for TB and ART, PMTCT, PEP PrEP, RR-TB, DTG interactions and dosing charts for children.
  • View algorithms as per National guidelines.
  • COMING SOON: Paediatric ARV dosing tool.

You can watch our app video here to see how it works and then download the app on the Google Play store or iStore, by searching ‘SA HIV/TB Hotline’.